Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I report a problem with a service/product I received?

A: Please email our online support at: Please include the name of purchaser, city/event name and the issue you're experiencing.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible, please keep in mind that it sometimes takes a few days for order forms to reach our office after an event. We'll respond as soon as we have a chance to review your order/issue.


Q: I ordered my product at the event and either it was not completed or I forgot to pick it up. When will I receive the product?

A: Your order will ship at our expense within 10 business days from the end of the event.


Q: When will the past weekend’s event photos be online?

A: Events are uploaded to our site within 5 business following the end of the event.


Q: How do I find the photos from my event?

A: Currently, you can view photos from all of our events here: This is where you can view photos and order prints. Visit our shop for all other products including DVDs, USBs and Digital Downloads.


Q: Can I view my video online?

A: To protect the dancer and the dance teacher’s choreography we only show photos from the event online. You can view sample videos on each products page under "Additional Info." if you would like to see the quality.


Q: Once I purchase a photo disc or digital image, do I have the rights to the photos for printing, etc.?

A: Yes, your name will be on the disc giving you the right to use the images. If additional documentation is needed, please let us know at:


Q: I have received a different product/routine than I have purchased. What should I do?

A: Please send an email to:

Note: Orders are filled strictly by the order form filled out at the event and the routine numbers written on the forms. If the wrong disc or routine was received do to an ordering error we do not offer exchanges. We do still offer our products after the event here: We can correct your order for a $15 processing charge.


Q: I put the wrong routine on my order form, how do I get the right one?

A: We offer a 90-day exchange policy from the day of the event. We fill orders by routine # as our order form states. If you received the incorrect routine as an error on your behalf we will still exchange your product for a $15 processing fee that includes the delivery back to you.


Q: How long do I have to place my order?

A: We keep all of the competition photos and videos for 2 years.


Q: Where can I order Prints and digital downloads of my photos?

A: Currently, you can view photos from all of our events here: This is where you can view photos and order prints. Visit our shop for all other products.


Q: How do the Digital Photo Downloads work?

A: Our digital downloads are delivered via email.  They are stored on our servers for 30 days at no charge via Dropbox or Google Drive.  You can download the images as many times as you would like and save them to your device for safe keeping. Photos are delivered as Jpegs and Videos are delivered as highly compatible mp4 files.


Q: What are the shipping times on orders placed after the event either by phone or online?

A: Typically any order placed after the event ships within a 3 week period.